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A creative approach to a technical solution.

A creative approach to a technical solution.

Customized comprehensive high quality live streaming and corporate video production solutions at competitive prices by a dedicated and accomplished executive broadcaster, videographer and producer. Ensuring that each project is delivered on-budget and on-time to connect all of your audiences.

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Live Streaming, Webcasts, Webinars

LiVECAST your event via our secure servers or to social media on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

High bandwidth video at 1920 x 1080 with 128kbs audio (4k available).

Slides, video playback and screen sharing.

Integrate high quality audio and video into your existing Zoom, Skype or Webex Calls

Fully redundant backup stream on an LTE internet.

Questions sent privately or added chat feature.

UNLIMITED live viewers!

2 year archive ready within 24hrs.

Registration information.  Available password protection.

Google Analytics.

AODA compliant (Live or AI Captions)

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Live Streaming, Webcasts, Webinars


We can work with your in-house team to utilize existing technology and keep your costs down.  If your in-house team requires additional equipment or if your capacity is maxed and you need to go offsite, we can provide a full suite of A/V technology including large screens, PA systems, wireless mics and 4k cameras


Video Production Services

Live event coverage

Same day on site editing

HD and 4k raw quality

Drones/UAV Shots

Live video production

Multiple camera

ENG video shoots

Interviews and Press Junkets

Social Media

Electronic press kits EPK

Captions and Transcription

Video Production Services

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